• Basia Olejnik

How to design your own garden

A beautiful garden is as important as a beautiful flat or house. Spending your time in an aesthetically pleasing and functional place really affects our mental well-being. However, designing and then making your vision come true is always quite a big thing to handle.

Here are 10 tips which are going to help you arrange a comfortable and harmonious garden which will make your eyes enjoy for years.

1. How to part your garden

Create a development plan, this means a board which is a model of your garden which is shared into parts with the functions and amenities.

Think about where the different parts of your garden should be, what direction your garden is facing (north, east, south, west) and where the plantings are going to go. This is the step where you can think about what style you want your garden to be in. Do this on a big piece of paper using different colours and descriptions of what the colour is. Use the example a a help guide.

2. Tidying up jobs

Clean up the are from all the garbage and unneeded things and weeds and old, ugly plants. You can get help for this step from my article.

3. Earthworks

Plan out the shape of the ground. If there are any land changes to your garden, retaining walls, garden arbores, fences, ponds, terrace, stairs or other land-changing procedures, then this is the time to do any jobs related to the procedures. The area should be clean, but there shouldn’t be any new plants or elements of small architecture so you don’t risk losing anything. Take care of creating any paths, flowerbeds, walls, stairs, terraces, etc.

If your garden is supposed to get any land changes, then this is the time to do all jobs.

4. Electric cables

Plan out and complete any electrical works. This should be done before any land-changing works, but before adding any plants or furniture. Sorting the cables out demands digging. During the planning out and prepping the garden you should think really carefully what you want to showcase with light and where. You should think whether you want to light up the paths in your garden, plants, terrace or maybe there is a garden arbore which needs some lightning? Or maybe you want to make a pond which will need some cool lightning to make it look as dreamy as you imagined it to be.

5. Watering system

Think about getting a watering system which – especially during heatwaves – will help you take care of your plants and make your life easier.

6. Surfaces

Any hardened surfaces in a garden should be done on a compacted area. It is usually an are made out of crushed stones, gravel or sand. However, you should remember that if you don’t have the proper equipment, it’s best to let the professionals take care of this. Prepare some space for grass too.

7. Ground

Make sure you’ve got space for your plants. Remember that each plant has its own requirements, this means that you have to make sure the plants are planted in a correct spot where there is a needed amount of sunlight and the kind of dirt that the plant is planted in. each plant is unique, so make sure they meet their unique requirements.

8. Small architecture

In this stage it’s also important to make space for any furniture you want to include like pergolas, bowers, orangeries, terrace or a simple set to relax. Doing this before planting any plants will prevent you from ruining any flowers.

9. Flowerbeds

Plan out the flowerbeds. Answer these questions to yourself:

- What kinds of flowers do I want to have in my garden?

- What colour should my plants, fences, furniture be in?

- What plants do I love and which do I hate?

- Do I have any preferences in height/texture of plants?

- Does anyone in my family have any allergies caused by flowers?

- Are there any kids in my family? (you should choose the flowers and the land in a way so that the kids won’t get hurt when playing. What I mean by this is any poisonous plants or plants with spikes like roses or cacti)

- How long do I want to spend taking care of the plants?

10. Lawn

You can plant or use rolled grass. I talked about both methods here.

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